Summer’s winding down, but things are heating up for the Dudes

We need to start this post with a huge shoutout to our friends down in Franklin Parish at the Winnsboro – Franklin Parish Chamber of Commerce and Franklin State Bank for hosting the Dudes at the wonderful Rhythm and Roux event this past weekend!  We can’t say enough about the warm welcome that we receive every time we’re down with the great people of Franklin Parish!  We just can’t wait to get back down there for your next event!

As the calendar has turned to August (and getting close to September for that matter), the Dudes are ready to continue bringing you #GreatFun #GreatFood and #GreatService.  The calendar is filling up quickly and we hope that you can make it out to one of the many upcoming events that we have planned!  Be sure to check out the calendar for your next opportunity to get some of that tasty ‘Q!  There’s plenty of opportunity over the coming weeks to be part of the action, and you don’t want to miss out on those #BrisketTacos, #PulledPorkSammiches, #BBQNachos, #BBQChiliPie, and the #AllNew #BBQPoDude!

Also be sure to check out the Dudes in print, special thanks to our friends at BayouLife Magazine for their shoutout to 2DudesCatering.

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