2Dudes Are On The Road!

As the month of May closes, 2Dudes is sad to announce that National BBQ Month has come to a close.  We had more ‘Q on the pits than we could have ever imagined and what a great month it was!  To all of you you who came out, supported, and ate good, a simple thank you will never be good enough; but that, along with awesome food, is all we have to offer.  Thank you from the entire @2Dudes Team for all of your continued support.

The month of June brings new opportunities, and starting just a mere few days from now is your chance, Franklin Parish!  Come check out Main Street Market on Saturday, June 4th, and meet the Dudes!  Along with those #BrisketTacos, #PulledPorkSammiches, #BBQNachos, and #NachoMommasPizzaRolls, 2Dudes will have a special new offering, and this ain’t you grandma’s po-boy…  We suppose you’ll just have to show up to find out…

We want to take this opportunity to send a special thanks to our all of our crew, we couldn’t do what we do with out you!

Don’t miss an awesome event and great opportunity for fantastic food this Saturday, June 4, starting at 10AM for the Main Street Market in Winnsboro; you’ll be glad you were there!

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