The Dragons are Coming! (and the Dudes will be there too)

Monroe and surrounding area, listen up!

If you’ve never experienced the Dragon Boat Festival at Bayou DeSiard, don’t let this be another year that you could miss out on experiencing something completely awesome!  Starting early this Saturday morning, May 14, come out and support #ThatLACommunity and watch something truly unique.  Live music, great competition and awesome food; does it really get any better?

To anyone participating, get ready for some serious fun.  And when you get hungry, come see 2Dudes for a pick-me-up, we’ll have those #BrisketTacos everyone is talking about, plus other truck staples to include #PulledPorkSammiches and #NachoMommasPizzaRolls, plus more!

Hey, if BBQ isn’t your thing (which if that’s the case, we’re truly sorry for you), check out our friends Wayne vs the Winnebago and Fay’s Fat Burgers slingin’ pure deliciousness.  Also, when you stop by the 2Dudes truck, be sure to wish Kevo an extra special belated birthday, cause now, “he’s a man, he’s 40”.

Thanks to all the friends of @2DudesCatering, we appreciate your continued support and hope to see each and every one of you this Saturday!

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