It’s National BBQ Month!!!

(So @2Dudes apologizes in advance for all the pictures, posts, celebrations, etc., that will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the month of May!)

Wow, what an April!  2Dudes had such a great inaugural month!  Between the awesome people we were able to serve awesome food to at the Block Party put on by Governor’s; the West Ouachita Basketball Banquet, and the DoMo Spring Fling and Learning Tech/Quest School fundraiser, we are truly humbled and blessed to be living out this passion.

The calendar is filling up faster than we can keep up with, and that is an amazing feeling.  We truly hope that we are able to interact with you, serve you, and maybe even entertain you a bit.  This weekend, come check us out at Geeks Along the River to get some great eats while you’re getting your game on.

The weeks are filling up fast and we hope to be posting up shop at a place near you so you can score some of those awesome #BrisketTacos that the interweb is raging about.  If you want some more info about how 2Dudes can partner with you to make an event awesome, or just a belly full, make sure to Contact Us.

While you’re here, be sure to look around; particularly at the Sweet Tees.  Don’t forget to join the mailing list so you can get all the News from 2Dudes.  The link is so easy to find; its right there in the side bar <—.


(by the way, yes we have light sabers now, yes we sword fight with them, yes it is amazing.  When you stop by the 2Dudes truck, you’re guaranteed to leave full and having a good time!)

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